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Hello again.

I have a lot to update on, and have been waiting a while to write this blog entry, so I forgive you if you’re not going to read it all. Feel free to skip bits :P

These past few days have been extremely excellent (alliteration, hah), and I have fallen in love with far too many things too quickly, this I am sure is not healthy. However, I do not care one little bit, as the things I have fallen in love with are fantastic. So just ignore my little OMFGILOVEIT attacks here and there.

First off, I hope you all had a great Easter, plentiful in little fluffy bunnies and large helpings of chocolate. As it was the end of Lent on Sunday, I ate more biscuits than chocolate, as that was the food I gave up for the 40 silly days I had definitely begun to hate by the end of it. As I’ve said before, I think, I admire people greatly that have given up chocolate, (*cough* Celeste *cough*) and I shall try and repeat their amazing feat of determination next year. But for now (Jamie Cullem lyrics seem to weave their way into everything) I will be content with chocolate.

Now, Easter wouldn’t be Easter without Doctor Who, right? (Wait, no, that’s not right, should be Christmas. Ah well.) So what follows is a short little review of my opinion on that episode, The Eleventh Hour, on Saturday. Hopefully I haven’t forgotten much. Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched it yet.

Let’s go in chronological order to avoid confusion (mainly in my own head)- beginning with the title sequence. Instantly disapproved the music, sounds much too...Electronic? not the right word. Anywho, however, I then much approved the fonts. Still not so sure about the logo, the ‘W’ still looks like a radiator to me. But overall, title sequence was quite different and therefore quite good.



The plot, especially at the beginning, was a little predictable, what with the ‘Promise you’ll be back in five minutes?’, and it reminded me a little of the whole Rose thing when she was dropped back, like, 4 months later or whatever it was, and Jackie got pissed. But ahwell. Otherwise the plot was great, looks like Moffat is going to be brilliant. I’ve always loved his episodes so am looking forward, as I’m sure everyone else is, to a whole series of him. I thought the crack idea was really good, especially seen as though I’ve got one almost identical to that just outside my room, and I wish that they’d stuck with the crackinthewall idea more.

The door freaked me out. When it opened after she’d moved or whatever. :0

The big eye thing seemed a bit random though. :/ Loved the eelsnake thing, fantastic teeth, twas cool when those little girls got the teeth. The dog guy was scary too. :D

But, of course, how can you not love Matt Smith? (first of my loves) He is simply brilliant. :D Although, I mustn’t be too quick to judge, so I’m going to wait a few episodes before I announce that I either approve or disapprove of this new Doctor. Of course, David Tennant is missed greatly, and I still like him better, and not sure that Matt Paint will overall be better than him. So we’ll have to wait and see. But I do love his boyish enthusiasm and his matter-of-fact sort of manner. He’s also got a more light-hearted tone than Tennant. (He’s also gorgeous when he smiles.)

Urgh, I suppose I’m just jealous, but I’m not sure about this Amy Pond yet. She had a cool name in the beginning, but ‘Amy’? Hmm. Again, trying not to be quick judging on her. At first I would call her plain, but she’s really not, she’s different, and I can see why the Doctor might like her. I just hope to god it doesn’t turn out the sort of ‘I love you’ and ‘Omg I love you too’ thing like Rose did. Donna was brilliant in that respect. (Martha was just useless)

I have, however, got a serious problem with something else.

The sonic screwdriver.

They are supposed to be BLUE.

Not GREEN. It’s not supposed to be BLOODY GREEN. Urgh. Well, I shall have to live with it.

Other than that, the new colours of everything (including his outfit and the TARDIS) are definitely agreeable, love the new kind of fantasy fairytale theme. I must say, the new interior of the TARDIS is fantastic, I love the shinyness and bright colours, nicely disorientating. His outfit, not so keen on, but the bowtie is cool. Very cool.

Overall, the whole episode was rather mind-blowing, and I am certainly pleased to see Doctor Who at its best :D Looking forward to next Saturday’s episode!


Then there was F1 on Sunday. I woke up bright and early at 8am to watch the start of the race, as I knew I wouldn’t be there for the end of it. After the pretty messy start, with Hamilton picking off his ‘victims’ (as the BBC called it) rather more frequently than usual, and Button doing his usual ‘right let’s get ‘em, lads’ thing, the race went quite smoothly for a while. Sad to see Glock spin off or whatever he did, didn’t quite catch the whole thing.

But then, legasp.

Schumacher ;_;

I CRIED. Jk. I didn’t quite cry. But I was dismayed and horrified and traumatised (nah not the last one) when I saw him slowing down, and radioing through to say there was a problem. It was like Apollo 13 all over again. A wheel nut or something had come off, I’m not quite sure what had happened.

But DAMN he looked awesome on a motorbike :’D

Ahem, anyway, yeah, it was so sad he was out. I am seriously beginning to doubt my prediction that he’d do relatively well ): He can still get it back, though, c’mon.

Congrats to Vettel, some great driving there. Where on earth had the Ferrari lot gotten to? Ahwell. Hamilton died or something amusing.


Okay, next love comin’ up.

I got a new camera last week. :D


Okay, technically it’s not mine. Technically it’s the ‘family camera’. But my dad hardly ever uses cameras, and my mum never does. So it’s all mine. ALLMINE, I TELL YOU.

For people who know about cameras- it’s a DSLR, Nikon D5000. 18-22 lens, hopefully getting a telephoto next year. I luff it soo much o3o Hoping to get into more professional photography, with more lenses and the like. (prints might be available :D) Went out to Clivdon Gardens to test it out, put through its paces. Pleased to report it was excellent, after I’d figured how to do the manual focus (yeah, shuttup :/ ) and all the different scene settings. (It has a setting for blossom, which came in handy)



Okay, last thing I promise.

Yesterday was a very sad but momentous day. For it was the day that the last episode of Wonders of the Solar System was on. ): It is a brilliant programme presented by the brilliant Professor Brian Cox, whom I’ve met and gone to one of his lectures on the LHC, where he works on the ATLAS detector there. I think he’s very inspiring, and is great at passing on his obvious passion for physics and astronomy.

Anywho, the series had been excellent so far, so the last episode was bound to be great. And it was. Really very inspiring and exceedingly interesting. An epic tribute to our Solar System and the wonders within it. I also thought it was great that at the end, after he’d introduced the idea that our civilisation is the greatest Wonder in the Solar System, he didn’t waffle on about how we need to ‘get our acts together and save our Earth from the death that is heading its way’. Because most people do that.

He has much rekindled my love for physics and desire to be a physicist again. I remember the days when I would dream of working at CERN, and I might quite possibly want to work there again :’D Let’s see if they have a department in Berlin. I could design cars in my spare time.


As usual, lets end with some music.

Fave Gorillaz song at the moment.


And a video of a cat. (My own. Not my own cat, my own video)


Hope you enjoyed this very long blog entry. :P Talk to you all soon.

~Illusionist x


DinnDonnX said...

Haha, Seems you've had a busy week/ weekend. I wish i could say the same about myself :)

Illusionist said...

Hehe X3

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