Mr Brightside, May Ball and Venice

Oh god.

As I write this, we are not sure whether our country will go down in flames or, er, the other option which I'm not entirely sure is good either.

Yes, I am talking about the election.

As I write this, representatives from the Tories and Lib Dems are probably sitting in an office together with tea, discussing the fate of our country.

I have a number of issues with this, as I'm sure we all do.

Tories and Lib Dems together. In the same office. This is not right/good/morally just. This is my first issue, if you can call it an issue.
Secondly, if Nick Clegg thinks he will achieve much more by making a deal with the Conservatives rather than Labour, I think he is mistaken (but I don't want to be bigoted {rofl, *cough*GB*cough*}, because I don't really know loads about it).
Thirdly, I just like Labour better and don't really like the Conservatives. So does everyone else, by the looks of things, but this assumption is made only by using Twitter, Facebook and our school. (I believe this to be satisfactory, but others might not) Except Timmy, but he can be excused.

I should probably explain the title of this blog now. Yesterday my mother came up with a great analogy for this hung parliament situation of ours; I'm sure you are all familiar with the great song Mr. Brightside by the Killers? If not-

(hurrah for early music links)

This is going to be a bit strange, but bare with me. Here goes.
Gordon Brown is Mr Brightside.
First things first- no, I don't think Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown kissed; that brings disturbing images
to mind so might as well just get rid of that. Instead, Nick Clegg, or rather, the one that Gordon Brown
wants, (no, not like that) has ran off to meet David Cameron to meet with him instead.
And Gordon can't bear to look. 'And I just can't look its killing me'? Yess, now you see why it works.

Or you might not and I just look stupid.

ANYWAY thats with all the election stuff over-
ONE MORE THING. Pissed off greatly about the science funding cuts looking to be set in stone. Hopefully, even though Nick Clegg is siding with the Tories at the moment, he can quietly not cut the funding, without Airbrush Man noticing.

Note: I was planning on doing plenty more blog entries during the election, but I decided that there were far too many things to comment on and that would take forever, and y'all would get pretty bored.

Okay, thats enough election stuff, you're probably bored by now. Moving on.

On Friday I went to Robin Ince's School For Gifted Children May Ball at the Bloomsbury Theatre at UCL. It was absolutely fantastic, loved every minute of it; there were quite a number of acts, and I couldn't name them all, but amongst them were Robin Ince, of course, Marcus Brigstocke, Andrew Collins and Gavin Osborn; but the person who I'd primarily gone there to see was Professor Brian Cox. I admire him greatly for the work he's done for science and physics and all sorts of things; I thought that his series, Wonders of the Solar System, was really inspiring and amazing to watch.
His talk on Friday at the May Ball was great, wish it had been longer. I met him in the interval (honored :D) and we had a chat about the election, his series and his book. He was in a bad mood, thanks to the Tories being up top and the Liberals further down than everyone would have liked, so told him not to be too disheartened and all that, the LibDems still had chances to change things, especially with all the physics funding. Wish we could have chatted for longer; but the next act was about to start so he ran off to go and watch it from the side of the stage.

So that was fun :D


Doctor Who was fortunately back to the goodness of the first episode; we should all cast aside the previous episode with the Weeping Angels as a blip to never exist again. I thought the plot of this week's episode was pretty good, less plot-hole-filled than the others.
Liked the teeth, the vampire girls were pretty cool :D Haha, fish from space. Some great quotes and moments in there, like 'glad I brought this along' and 'we can all swim'. The only issue with the episode is that the girl was called Isabella. Have the Doctor Who team actually read Twilight? On one hand lets hope not.
I might be going to Venice next year anyway, so I'll bring a massive UV light with me, just in case.


This coming week is going to be pretty busy for me. Monday: Centenary Lecture at the Science Museum with Prof Simon Schaffer, should be good. Tuesday: got tickets to a Radio Four recording: The Reith Lectures: The Scientific Citizen, with the Chairman of the Royal Society, Lord Rees of Ludlow.
Side note: doing two weeks work experience with him in the Royal Society in July x3
Friday: Possible going-to-museums-at-night thing with people, like the Grant Museum and the British Museum, in the Egyptian bit. o.o

And got a few exams coming up, eh.


You should know what's coming up by now. Music!

Fave from Plastic Beach at the moment.

Aaand another greatly amusing cat video.

Hope you all are well :)

~Illusionist xx


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