Smartening Up: we all need to do it, sooner rather than later

Forgive me if this blog entry doesn’t look right or something- I’m still learning how to mess around with Windows Writer; it’s a very cool program, I have to say.

Omai, I got a new laptop :D It is fantastic- fantastically gorgeous. Dark, stylish red on the cover, bordered at the top and bottom with strips of matt black; 15.8” screen, lovely quiet keyboard for good, silent lecture typing. Volume buttons that glow a soft white glow when pressed, a glossy power button and an extremely satisfying soft click when the lid is closed.

I think I’m in love. :D

Considering my last laptop was XP, jumping to Windows 7 seems like a pretty big leap, both in technology and ease of use. Gosh, it makes you feel sorry for the people thousands of years ago who only had Windows 98. (Actually, I was one of those people, but I’m a little younger than a thousand years old)

For people who are interested in spec and so on… It’s a new Dell, Inspiron, 17, 350Gm; I could write a lot more stuff but I doubt there are too many people interested in minute spec details :D

I must say, I am loving Windows 7. The graphics are just as gorgeous as Vista, and the snappy window things are useful, as I usually have more than a hundred windows open (jk). Task bar is cool, nice themes, all rather floaty but nice. And I know you could get Writer on Vista, but I still love it, as this is the first time I’ve used it.

Actually, and I know this might sound odd, but I would much prefer I didn’t have this laptop- even though I’m in love with it. But that’s another story.

Anyway, that’s enough of laptop/love talk, moving on :D

Had a lovely long holiday in Cornwall the other week, surprisingly good weather but surprisingly bad surf. Hardly got any surfing done- and I seem to have lost whatever kind of touch I had with my surfboard. Let’s see if I can behave like the world cup players and blame my board. I might have to take lessons; shock horror.

Right now, I’m on holiday again. Well, I wouldn’t call it a holiday- a two day break? Anyway, typing from the hotel room in Marriot hotel in Norfolk. Today, been on a very windy beach (85mph, at a guess) and been to a brewery for fathers day (Yes, I know it’s not today). Tonight, the reason we came to Norfolk, we’re going to an excavation on a beach. Looking for half a million year old human remains; well exciting :D

Blogging news- I’ve made a photography blog; hurrah and all that jazz. Not giving you the link yet- haven’t put anything on it to date. Will do soon, but it is taking a while to search through the million or so photos from my camera/s :( Only putting on the best of the best (SIR *MIB reference*) on the site, of course. If you could call them the best.

Apologies for the lack of pictures on this entry, don’t have many on my new laptop.

World cup, now. Sorry for non-football-fans, you losers can move on if you like :) First things first: ENGLAND, SMARTEN UP, THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

I would say I cannot believe this is happening, but I really can. We usually fail on the first match or so, right? In every WC it’s the same. Then we get good enough that you think we have a chance- then, at the top of our game, we fall back down again, never to be heard from again.

This time, however, I cannot see us surfacing from the deep pit of despair/doom/death/destruction/cataclysmicfailure that we now reside within. I hope I am wrong- and this phenomenon often occurs, so don’t toss your England flag away just yet.


It’s my birthday in a few weeks :D Yay


You must all know what’s coming up now. Yes, music.

Stunning, beautiful song by the Villagers, my repeat-this-for-hours song at the moment.

Hope you are all well,

~Illusionist xx

p.s. this page might have a new blog layout soon- keep watching ;)


Daniel Schaumann said...

Looking forward to the photo blog! Ah I get so jealous every time I hear about someone going on holidays in England... lucky you for living there :P Nice song too!

Illusionist said...

Thankyou :D And glad you like it x

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