How exciting :D

Finally started the first chapter of my new novel. Also done the prologue, which you can now read, hurray!

Genre, I would say, is gonna be sort of science fiction/fantasy kind of thing. I’d appreciate any comments and stuff, after all, that’s how writing improves, right? :)

So the first chapter is under development, and hopefully should be a good one. Haven’t written for aaages, so if my writing’s a bit rusty, don’t kill me.

On other news, Royal Society work was amazing, met so many inspiring brilliant scientists (and others including the astronaut crew from the Atlantis shuttle and had lunch with Ranulph Fiennes ;P). Worked with great people too. :)

Ahhh, bugger about the World Cup. Damnit, I had Holland. :/

But yay Wimbledon :D Omfg love Nadal so damn much.

Now there is nothing to tweet about. :/

Ohyeah; and I had a great birthday last week :) thanks again to all the birthday wishes. Going to see Inception next Sunday, heard it’s amazing.

That’s all for now, but watch that space in the link above ;) Ofcourse I shall post the new chapter’s link up here too when it’s done.

Music time!



Addicted ;P


Yay :D



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